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Accommodation and residence

  • The sale of existing residential premises is input taxed, but the sale of new residential premises is taxable.
  • The sale of commercial residential premises, such as a hotel or caravan park, is taxable subject to the ‘going concern’ exemption.
  • Accommodation provided by charities at less than 75% of market value or cost is GST-free.
  • The provision of private rented accommodation is input taxed.
  • The provision of accommodation in commercial residential premises is taxable, though special rules apply to long-term stays.
  • If you provide a bed and breakfast at your own home, expenses will need to be apportioned to reflect the business usage in order to calculate input tax credits.
  • Leases of commercial premises such as shops and offices are taxable.
  • Restaurant, catered or eat-in food is subject to GST. Hot takeaway food is subject to GST.
  • Tips nor free promotion are subject to GST.
  • No GST is payable on refunded deposits, however GST may apply to cancellations.
  • If items are stolen by guests, no adjustment need be made to the input tax credit claimed for the item.
  • Input tax credits can be claimed for uniforms, tools and equipment purchased for staff, and in certain cases where staff are reimbursed for purchases.
  • Abbreviated forms of tax invoices for smaller sales may be satisfied by cash receipts.
  • There is no need to issue a tax invoice if the value of the supply, excluding GST, is $75 or less.
  • GST on sales through coin-operated machines is attributed to the tax period in which the machine is emptied.
  • A free shuttle bus from the airport provided to guests is not subject to GST, but input tax credits can be claimed for the cost of providing that service.
  • Special rules apply to accommodation vouchers.
  • Home loans and home loan fees are input taxed as financial supplies, so no GST is payable on them.
  • Water, sewerage and storm water drainage fees are GST-free.
  • Local government ratable services are not subject to GST . Land tax is not subject to GST.
  • Estate agents’ and solicitors’ fees and advertising costs on property transfers are subject to GST.
  • New house construction costs are subject to GST. House alterations are subject to GST.
  • If an amount under a building contract is retained pending satisfactory completion, the GST is deferred until it is actually paid over.
  • A body corporate of a block of home units must register if its turnover is $75,000 or more, in accordance with the normal rules.
  • Student accommodation is GST-free if the student is undertaking a GST free primary, secondary or special education course.
  • GST applies to the services of registered contractors but not employees.

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